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Climate Change-Our Theme

The speculation about climate change and the new timeline that recent studies and reports have revealed is alarming. The rising levels of the ocean, the increasing frequency of earthquakes, hurricanes, cyclones is not a coincidence. It is nature’s way of telling us what we already know but are too blind to actually acknowledge.
On August 5th, 2019, it has been reported that 12.5 billion tons of ice in Greenland melted into the ocean in a single day. 24 hours. A recent report of UN has suggested that if this climate change die to global warming and human negligence is not controlled than the Earth risks extinction of all life by the year 2050.
Coming up with solutions to solve this crisis now rests upon the shoulders of every single human on living on this planet. It is the need of the hour,  and we at SOLMUN aim to rise to the occasion with possible solutions that can help in curbing this crisis that has fallen upon us, today.
We believe that raising awareness amongst young delegates will ensure new innovative ideas that may line up with technology and science that will not only satisfy the Sustainable Development Goals but also benefit the planet and save it from an impeding extinction.
The solutions that a delegate may come up with can be refined and put to use as they mature as individuals so that these theoretical solutions become actions which will be a step forward into preservation and protection of this beautiful planet we call home.
SOLMUN 19 endeavours to challenge the young minds who will come up global and domestic solutions to this hurdle of climate change.
 Hence, this year’s theme of the SOLMUN 19 is Climate Change, we believe that this is matter requires utmost attention. We at SOLMUN are making an effort to make this world a better place and with this theme we give this opportunity to you as well.